Phenol Free Thermal Paper 2 1/4 x 75 ft x 38mm CORELESS 50 rolls

Made from Appvion Alpha Free Phenol Free Thermal Paper with Vitamin C

No BPA, No BPS Uses Vitamin C as the developer, light black image

Distinctive Orange Tint lets customers know it is Phenol Free

Thermal paper debit rolls. 2-1/4" x 75 feet, longer than plastic core rolls with only a 38mm roll diameter, fits all 38 and 40 mm handheld payment terminals

Fits Ingenico iWL220 iWL250 iWL252 iWL255 iCT250

Fits Verifone vx520 vx670 vx675 vx680 vx690 vx810 vx820 duet

Fits TD Freedom IV Freedom V and Generation

Fits Noire Black Magic 510 510c 510g 510h 510w

Fits Moneris Mobile 8300

Environmentally friendly Phenol Free Thermal Rolls made with American Made Advanced CORELESS Winding Technology. A coreless roll can be up to twice as long as 37 ft to 62 ft rolls on plastic cores and still fits! With an outer diameter of only 1.5" or 38mm these rolls are perfect for new handheld payment terminals.

Red end of roll indicator stripe, 3 feet long, 1 foot from roll end